Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pay-as-You-Go E-Reading Application Total Boox Launches

New E-reader Application Seeks to Revolutionize the E-book Market

Launching in mid-March, Total Boox (pronounced “books”) brings a fresh idea to the ebook world with the motto “read first, pay later.”

Break away from the dominant commercial model in the ebook market of ‘Buy first — Read later’. With few exceptions people are expected to pay for accessing a book, regardless if they actually read or enjoy it. Purchasing a book before you read it is a burdensome remnant from the world of printed books. It distorts the market for authors, hampers discoverability, stalls distribution and reduces reading.

Total Boox is introducing a novel and very advantageous model to the ebook space, based on removing all barriers to access and distribution, encouraging readers to try and explore. A reader no longer has to purchase a book upfront. Instead he downloads the book into his tablet device and pays for the portion he actually reads, when he reads it. Similar to the ‘Skype-out’ model, you create a balance using a credit card or PayPal. As you read, Total Boox deducts the value of your reading from the balance. When your balance is low, you are asked to inject more money into your account.

Total Boox presents a fresh, innovative publishing model which offers a win/win solution which both reflects the ever-changing tech landscape of the book industry and improves consumer satisfaction.

With Total Boox, Publishers Gain:

■Increased revenue

■Access to new valuable readers

■Accelerated person-to-person distribution

■Enhanced distribution through ‘crowd curating’

■Personalized and targeted promotion opportunities

■Detailed real-time analytics of ebook usage (see below)

■Well protected, piracy-free environment

With Total Boox, Readers Gain:

■Absolute freedom to choose and experiment

■A new and highly attractive business model

■An excellent reading experience

■Ability to use their taste and expertise as curators,

and profit from it

■Unique tools for managing their personal library

■Valuable add-ons enriching their reading experience

Total Boox also offers vast, useful, real-time analytics, never before available. This new data will enable major improvements within the publishing and reading communities, such as the following:

■Identifying understanding and interacting with current readers

■Reaching out for new readers, for the right readers

■ Better book discoverability

■ A recommendation engine far superior to anything known today (based on what people actually read, and on how, when and where they read it.)

■Greatly improve reader-book matching

■Locating and exploiting targeted and timely sales opportunities

■ Replacing ‘Best-Seller’ lists with various ‘Best-Read’ lists

The world of books is strewn with difficult purchasing decisions. They constitute the main obstacle for good reader-book matching. Total Boox relieves humanity, once and for all, from the confusing need to buy a book before reading it. Total Boox hopes to put as many books in the hands of as many people, encourage them to read and explore, while charging them just for real value the actually get.

from: DigitalBookWorld

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