Wednesday, April 24, 2013

25 Most Popular Apps Used By Librarians

Libraries have and will likelyemain one of the biggest and most important sources of knowledge in the world. While the internet has diminished the overall level of use that libraries see today, they are still important and are relied on by the public, by students, and by academics around the world. Technology has made it even easier to get the most from libraries, and today there are numerous apps for your mobile device that can help librarians get the most from their days.


1.Kindle – This is the most popular eReader app on the market and offers a huge selection of downloadable books to choose from, including numerous free ones.

2.iBooks – This is the Apple iOS eReader app and functions similarly to Kindle, though with a somewhat smaller selection.

3.Nook – Barnes and Noble’s official answer to the Kindle, this app also features many free books as well as the latest e-releases.

4.Free Books – Just like its name sounds, Free Books offers access to plenty of great free classic books.

5.Audiobooks – When you don’t have time to read, you can still listen to audiobooks. This app lets you access nearly 3,000 different classics in audio form.

6.GoodReader – GoodReader lets you access and read scholarly documents and literature on your mobile device. It also lets you store them on your mobile device and then access them later.

Organization, Productivity, And Work

7.Outliner – Outliner makes it easy to plan out projects and maintain good organization when you’re at the library.

8.Box Net – This is a cloud storage system that lets you back up your data and access it from other computers or mobile devices through the internet.

9.Pages – This app makes it easy to create documents and is often used for handouts and newsletters, including those that a library would issue.

10.iNapkin – This iOS app lets you make quick and easy notes, categorize them, and access them easily.

11.Evernote – Another app devoted to making notes, Evernote lets you jot down ideas and information or even use the audio feature to speak aloud and let the iPad take the notes for you.

12.Dictionary – No librarian can afford to be without a dictionary, and the Dictionary app lets you look up any word in an instant.

13.Wikipanion – While some librarians hate Wikipedia, the fact is that it’s one of the world’s largest sources for information. The Wikipanion app is basically Wikipedia for mobile devices. You can look up information and answer the questions of your guests quickly and easily with this app.

14.Osfoora HD – Libraries have begun sending Tweets as a way to attract patrons and to let employees stay in touch with what’s going on in the library. Osfoora HD lets you utilize multiple Twitter accounts when you need to Tweet for work.

15.Dropbox – Another Cloud storage server, Dropbox offers 2 gigs of storage for free and then additional storage at affordable rates.

16.Quickoffice – No mobile device would be complete without office functionality, and Quickoffice provides you with the ability to edit Word and Excel documents on the go. It’s only ten bucks, and well worth the price.

17.Adobe Reader – A huge number of documents out there today exist as .pdf files, and this app lets you read them without hassle.

18.World Book This Day In History – Give yourself something to talk to patrons about or to post on a library bulletin board with this app, which gives you interesting bits of history that occurred on the respective day.

19.Offline Pages – This app lets you actually store entire web pages on your mobile device. You can then read the web page later even when you don’t have access to the internet. It’s great for librarians on the go.

20.iAnnotate – This app also lets you read .pdf files as well as editing them. It’s a great tool for librarians who need to have the power to modify documents on the go.


21.Newsrack – Newsrack lets you access news from around the world in mobile form. Librarians have to be up on current events, and this is an excellent way to go about staying up on what’s going on around the world.

22.The Guardian Witness – Basically, this is the mobile version of the world famous “The Guardian”. It lets you keep up with European news that may be ignored by American media.

From The Library Of Congress

23.Virtual Tour – This is a virtual tour of the Library of Congress and offers a digital experience of the famous library.

24.The Congressional Record – This app provides you with access to the Congressional Record on a daily basis.

25.Aesop for Children – This reading app is offered by the Library of Congress and is a free book containing more than 140 of the most beloved fables in history.   from: Library Science List

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