Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mississauga News: Bedbugs not a problem at Mississauga libraries, says director

Protocol has kept pests out

By Chris Clay
Jun 17, 2016
Toronto Star file photo

Mississauga library officials say their facilities have never experienced a bedbug infestation. And they plan on keeping it that way.

Rose Vespa, the City of Mississauga’s director of library services, says they have never had to close any of their 18 libraries due to bedbugs or any other sort of pest infestation. Earlier this week, the Essex County library decided to close some of its libraries after finding bedbugs at one location.

Mississauga libraries are well used with over five million visitors and more than seven million items circulated annually. The municipality had adopted a proactive approach by having a bedbug prevention process in place, which is based on advice from Peel Public Health and also looking at protocols used by other public libraries.

The libraries have a licensed pet control company inspect each of their facilities yearly. They use a specially trained dog to sniff out bedbugs or their eggs.

If the dog picks up on any of the pests, the items are treated. Smaller items, such as books, are taken from the buildings to be cleansed.

The inspections started in April and will continue through to November.

“With the amount of visitors and items circulated, we know that exposure to bedbugs at the library is possible but we also know our bedbug prevention process will further reduce the risk,” said Vespa in an email to The News.

Source: Mississauga News

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